Pierre Ethier - Applied Scientology Processing Auditor Class XII

Good and Evil

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The Church of Scientology actions to suppress the Independent Field and Dissenters are actually making them stronger

L. Ron Hubbard repeatedly stated: Create God and you have to create the Devil.

As usual the Church of Scientology gets its wrong and does anything that seems to make sense in reverse. Since that organization now dedicate itself almost exclusively into creating EVIL, through it callous and depraved acts, it logically follows that it is willy-nilly incenting the creation of GOOD through that ever increasing number of people of good will who oppose their pernicious agenda.

A quote frequently attributed to Edmund Burke (though there is no evidence he ever stated it)  is: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing".

Pierre_Ethier-Scientology-Class-XIIAlong with the Code of Honour rules that "Your self-determinism and your honour are more important than your immediate life" and "Your integrity to yourself is more important than your body"  this summarizes my personal philosophy in life and why threats that "I'd loose my Eternity" have always been entirely ineffectual on me. If you sell out your Integrity then, you have lost everything and there is no Eternity to be had. The big secret is that one cannot loose his Eternity except through his abandonment of his own Integrity. All threats to make one loose it are empty threats. Through the action of an Oppressor like the Church of Scientology actions against anyone who refuse to comply or who departs on his own determinism, one may suffer inconvenience, material discomfort. But when all is said and done, those who suffered through the fanatical actions of an organization or individuals bent on revenge and Evil will have moved up several notches on the Spiritual Scale and come that much closer toward true Enlightenment.

Those tormented souls acting on behalf of the Church (or on their own) to oppress people of Good Will pay very dearly by sliding toward an inexorable dwindling spiral of Spiritual degeneration, turmoil and unhappiness.

I happen to agree with L. Ron Hubbard, when he says, in complete agreement with the Laws of Karma that those who perpetuate Evil and refuse to self-examine to ensure they continue to act in accordance with Morality, Ethical Behaviour and Decency will get very much worse than just their deserved comeuppance.

When someone has become freed from the fetters imposed by Life, material considerations, the body and the environment, and has moved on beyond what we call as "Life", one typically becomes faced with the most inexorable judge of all (oneself|)and sometime get a punishment so severe that few people can perhaps conceive of it.

Traditionally the concept of Hell was created to describe the most unpleasant possible of fates, but that concept was full misconceptions and sought to describe entirely Spiritual Phenomena with things that are only meaningful in the material universe.

L.Ron Hubbard described the ultimate punishment could be was "to become an Animated Cluster: i.e. a single Being completely glued within a large group of degraded/ Insane beings intent on dramatizing the most perverse and destructive acts and continuously and violently at war with itself ".  Or try to imagine becoming a Bacteria capable feeling pain and threats to survival while being incessantly attacked by antibodies.Or as a weak inmate in a room full of highly unfriendly and aggressive Hannibal Lecters.

Evil has a way to torment the righteous and the Ethical. One may even loose the battle, but as long as one has not sold out his Integrity he will remain undefeated.

If Man is basically good, then anyone attacking people of Good Will or perpetrating Evil on them is admitting having already succumbed and admitted defeat face to those dark areas within his case he dares not face.

Evil is therefore the product of cowardice and the vast majority of people doing Evil acts are indeed cowards: they hide their identity while committing their crime. They use pseudonyms on the Internet, always very afraid of being exposed and confronting the fact that what they call their soul is nothing more than a little clinker.

Both the Evil intended individual and the Criminal share the following : Inability to conceive that another thinks differently or is motivated by different Aims than their own.

Life is full of Choices: it is very easy to engage in unethical behavior prompted by ignorance, bigotry or a desire for revenge or greed. The temporary rewards can seem to be great,but sooner or later it will be PAYBACK  TIME. and the penalties will completely obliterate the  amount of comfort or pleasure one had because of not thinking through the fact that there are always eventual consequences for one's acts.

On the other hand, the one who said no to unethical behavior or invitations to Hate,  may have to go through some rough patches, but the rewards will be far beyond the realm of material or physical gratification.

They say that: "To err is Human. To forgive, divine".

I, for one, would rather emulate, the divine, even though it may require a greater effort, than do like too many and act the easy (and potentially evil way) "because it is Human".

This is why I seldom respond to even the most outlandish acts of defamations made by a few bigots who somehow think that spouting lies about myself will end up helping them. They seem to be unable to grasp the fact that only the relatively few individuals with a like bigot frame of Mind agree with them.

The truth is that my many true friends will continue to have faith in me and what I say no matter what lie or drivel is spread about me. False friends and Enemies, will never have faith in me, no matter what I state or would prove.

If enough people would say NO to abuse and Evil, it would greatly diminish its impact in the World. After all, those behind Evil tend to be lazy and cowards. They will therefore follow the path of lesser resistance and eventually when enough doors get closed in their face, seek to oppress those still willing to sell out their integrity.

Pierre Ethier

(c) 2013