Pierre Ethier - Applied Scientology Processing Auditor Class XII

The Future of the Upper Bridge

I do not believe in "Invented Technology" as a solution to improving or continuing the Bridge. These unusual solutions are merely a hodge-podge of "other practices", case dramatizations from its instigator and reactive ideas gotten as a result of self-auditing.

The end result is clearly described in HCOB 30 June 1971 "Confused Ideas".

However, it might be possible for someone who has sufficiently freed himself from the constraints of his case, and who possesses a conceptual and thorough understanding of the entirety of Scientology Tech to be able to continue in LRH footsteps beyond OT VIII.

However it has become amply clear to me from observing and studying the "Free Zone" that every "researcher" who claims having looked beyond OT VII, was so heavily introverted into his case, that they found nothing of value, except perhaps pointers to addressing their own private cases through Repair and Advance Programs which are entirely covered within existing and published Technology.