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Pierre Ethier have worked for and with the Church of Scientology for over two decades, assuming various posts and eventually reaching the Highest training level (Class XII) achieved by only a handful few. Alain Kartuzinski, a Class XII C/S who was for a long time one of the Snr C/Ses at the Flag Service Org, used to call Pierre “The King” when referring to him as an auditor, perhaps because he had in a way become to Scientology auditing what Elvis became for Rock and Roll.

 Pierre Ethier was trained in the Church of Scientology up to Class XII Auditor, and audited at the Flag Service Organization (FSO) for over 17 years. Between 1981 and 1992, Pierre Ethier was Flag top auditor every single year.

Pierre Ethier spent over 20 years as a staff member of the Church of Scientology studying the religious technology and helping people through religious counseling. Staff members of the Church are volunteer Ministers, who work full time on a charitable volunteer basis without a pay. After his departure from the Church in 1992, Pierre builds a very successful IT career dating back from the beginning of the Internet era with the start up of the second largest ISP in the province of Quebec.  Pierre Ethier holds a number of current prestigious professional certifications in the IT field.

Pierre Ethier is an Applied Scientology Processing Auditor who mastered the delivery of the famous “ Ls “ Rundowns in their powerful original. He speaks fluently English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and delivers auditing in all five languages traveling around the world.

Pierre Ethier has been passionate about helping others with advanced Spiritual Counseling. He have helped over 5000  people who were seeking to become more able by strictly applying what has been demonstrated to work Pierre  helped many people to attain self-fulfillment for more successful and happier lives. As people go closer to the Advanced Spiritual levels and find increased joy in life, their lives are affected for the better.

 “Being a Class XII does not merely mean trained to audit the Ls as some misguided people who got hold of part the Ls and started auditing them might think. Being an authentic Class XII is many light years beyond that.”

The partial list of PCs Pierre Ethier has audited and published by the Church of Scientology consists of roughly 3500 people. It is by no means the complete list of the over 5000 people Pierre has audited at Flag. With virtually no exception he enjoyed auditing each of those people. Pierre is going over the list and recalling the gains and life changing improvements. His ultimate desire is for each of these people to reach happiness and spiritual Freedom, whether they achieve it in the Church of Scientology or in another.

 A lot of those names have not been on Flag completion list for a very long time. Each and everyone should be told that “NO CHURCH HOLDS A MONOPOLY ON SPIRITUAL FREEDOM OR THE STATES OF BEINGNESS PROMISED BY L. RON HUBBARD“. Anyone can move forward from whatever point they have been stopped, betrayed or given arbitrary actions that were not designed to help them.


Pierre Ethier - Applied Scientology Processing Auditor Class XII

The origin of NOTs materials obtained through the legal system

Source: http://www.modemac.com/nots/nots7.html

On September 5th, 1996 a person in Sweden by the name of Zenon Panoussis filed NOTs with the Swedish Parliament Office. "Scientology responded by demanding that the court case be placed under "secrecy" -- effectively sealing the case and thus ensuring that NOTs would not made accessible to the public in the way that the OT levels were entered as part of the Fishman Affidavit. But the secrecy order was initially denied. Zenon posted instructions on how to order copies of legal documents from the court on September 9, including copies of NOTs. The issue of secrecy was evidently vital to Scientology: in this message, Zenon notes that Scientology filed a second request for secrecy, and they appealed their first request. But these motions of secrecy were again dismissed by the Stockholm court of appeals. On Friday the 13th (ironically?), as Zenon writes, "the OTs and NOTs are still public documents and will most probably remain so forever." As the OT court cases demonstrated in America, it is currently legal to order a copy of NOTs from the Stockholm court. (However, the legality of making copyrighted materials available for download on the Internet is questionable.)

Why were Scientology's requests for secrecy repeatedly denied? The reason has to do with a unique policy in Sweden called offentlighetsprincipen. This is a provision of the Swedish constitution that guarantees access to public documents in order to prevent corruption and fraud, and it is considered a basic civil right in Sweden. The policy is explained in more detail in this email from an anonymous Swedish official."

Currently number of people in the free field who have ordered copies of NOTs through the justice system may own a perfectly legal copy of NOTs materials. Please note that this article does not constitute a legal advice in regard to the status of those documents as the law vary in different jurisdictions. In addition it appears the authentic NOTs materials filed in the legal system have been stolen on a number of occasions and allegedly replaced with “Black Scientology” materials in order to sink in the free field. The replacement of the originally filed materials is on record.

NOTE: Some of the upper level materials that were independently leaked have been seeded with subverted issues designed to bring about instability or potential insanity within the unfortunate recipient.  Therefore it would be wise to authenticate the source materials used.

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